FoxCMSContent Management Simplified


The PHP 7.2.0 Fork of the Wolf CMS

Welcome on the offical landing page of the Fox CMS, a PHP-written, simplified, database-driven and highly extendable content management system for everyone! However, this system is not a new development project, it is just a PHP 7.2.0 -ported Fork of the pawy Wolf CMS (written by Martijn van der Kleijn), which itself is also just a fork of the Frog CMS (written by Philippe Archambault).

As you see the animal evolution still continues, and now in the form of a Fox.

You can help us

Send us all of your used Extensions

We want to ensure that all important plugins and themes also works on - at least - the upcoming FoxCMS versions until the first stable release (1.0.0) has been published. However, since is dead, it isn't really easy to find all of these important extensions. So it would be REALLY awesome if you send us all of the plugins and themes you're using (or you're still have on your disk) on your current or old Wolf CMS website. You can directly upload them on this GitHub Issue or send us per mail to

Thanks for your help!

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